Optima Hydraulics® has a full production cycle and flexible technology-based on modern multifunctional machine tools required for the production of modern high-quality hydraulics adjustable for requests of each consumer.


All the purchased materials and components are subject to testing and checking at the central laboratory of the plant where all kinds of quality control are performed to guarantee that the products are made of only high-quality materials and components. All Optima Hydraulics® products are subject to 100% control on specially equipped testing benches imitating real-life maintenance conditions.


The warranty period for the goods is 12 (twelve) months from the date of the Goods going into operation at operating time to failure not more than 1500 (one thousand five hundred) hours within guaranteed shelf life. Guaranteed shelf life amounts to 18 (eighteen) months from the production date of the goods.

Optima Hydraulics® has own measuring and research laboratories.

The laboratories provide all the requirements of the company in analytical work – starting with checking the raw materials to testing the final products.

1. Chemical analysis of metals and alloys.
2. Physicochemical analysis of oils, coolants, galvanic solutions.
3. Metallographic analysis of metals and alloys
4. Mechanical testing of material properties: strength, hardness, etc.
5. Examining dangerous production factors at workplaces.

All types of analysis are performed by qualified and highly experienced specialists.